Tablet PCs make maintenance procedures more efficient

airberlin technik GmbH, the aviation technology service provider within the airberlin group, is to start using tablet PCs in their aircraft maintenance operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

 In this way documentation reports can be produced at the same time as maintenance is being carried out on the aircraft. Until now technicians had to transfer the reports to the computer system in the central office after their maintenance work was completed. Tablet PCs now document the maintenance in real time and thus guarantee a more efficient maintenance process as part of ongoing flight operations. airberlin technik  are currently equipping the first two maintenance stations in Munich and Berlin-Tegel with tablet PCs.

In addition tablet PCs give technicians the advantage of being able to consult manuals quickly and directly access warehouse stock on the job. Until now documentation forms and bulky manuals had to be carried with them to the aircraft and warehouse stock had to be accessed in the central office. Tablet PCs therefore save a substantial amount of time.

“Using tablet PCs makes our maintenance procedures even more efficient. They also facilitate the technicians’ work on the aircraft by providing easy access to all the necessary information and documentation systems. By digitalising the process, tablet PCs also make a significant contribution to saving resources,” says Marco Ciomperlik, CEO airberlin technik GmbH.

By the end of 2012, as a first step, airberlin technik GmbH will introduce tablet PCs for all employees in German-speaking countries for line maintenance services, i.e. for all small and medium-sized maintenance operations. In a second phase, the portable computers will be introduced for base maintenance services at airberlin technik, i.e. for all the comprehensive overhaul operations in Dusseldorf and Munich. Since the tablet PCs access the previous online systems used until now, no special training is necessary for the technicians to use the new documentation procedure. 


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