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Fastjet to pay billions to TRA, TAA in back taxes and airport fees

At last FastJet, owner of Fly540 airline, has agreed to pay debts amounting to billions of shillings it owes the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) and Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA). For almost a month FastJet has been passing the buck to Fly540 (T) Ltd over payment of debts totalling over Sh4 billion to TRA and TAA. FastJet has been maintaining that Fly540 was supposed to pay the debts under a contract for taking over the airline. The new turn of events arose yesterday when the FastJet general manager for Africa, Mr Kyle Haywood, told a press conference that they were ready to pay the debts pending proper reconciliation by TRA and TAA. “We have met with TRA and TAA to discuss the pending bills. We will pay, but we want supporting documents of all these bills. We are in discussion with TRA, for we have to validate what are paying,” said Mr Haywood. According to documents availed to The Citizen, the airline owes to TRA a total of Sh2.9 billion and TAA a total of Sh57

Dar es Salaam: Growth and more growth for Precision Air as passenger numbers jump 13%.

Precision Air Services recorded a 13 per cent growth in passenger numbers between April 2012 and end January 2013 despite the new-found competition, triggered by the coming of a low cost operator, FastJet.   Precision Air shuttled 750,762 passengers during the period, which is 13 per cent higher than the 663,636 passengers recorded during a similar period last year.   From November 2012 to January 2013, the company airlifted 222,654 passengers, a 6 per cent growth compared  to the 209,696 passengers airlifted during a similar period last year, according to acting managing director, Mr Allen Sharra. “The Tanzania air travel market has become more competitive with the introduction of new airlines. However, we managed to increase the number of passengers that fly with us,” he told journalists at the company’s headquarters in Dar es Salaam.   Key to the firm’s achievements have been the increase in frequencies to various routes and introduction of new ones like Mbeya, whi

Tanzania: fastjet adds 2 new domestic flight routes.

Fastjet - a low cost airline operator , has today announced the addition of two new domestic flight routes to its existing routes. According to fastjet’s website the confirmed routes include Kilimanjaro to Mwanza as well as Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar. Fastjet says the two routes have been highly requested by many, thus they are exited to be able to offer these new daily flights. Flights start on Monday 18 th March for both routes whereby the flights will be once daily each way. “Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at  and are available to book from March 18th up to June 30th. One way flights start from just TSh32,000, excluding tax and charges on both these routes.” With these new routes Fastjet will now have a total of 4 routes in Tanzania with plans underway to expand further. Fastjet was launched in Tanzania in  November 2012  and since then it has been operating in Tanzania only. Keep visiting here for more updates on what’s happening in aviatio

Air Tanzania’s building to be auctioned to service a debt?

The High Court’s Commercial Division has ordered an evaluation of Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) building located on Ohio Street in Dar es Salaam before auction to service a debt of over US$716,259.25 to a Tourism Services Company, Leisure Tours and Holidays Limited. The decision follows an application by the Tourism Services Company, which won a civil case number 56, 2009 raised from commercial dispute between the company and ATCL.   The company demands a total of $716,259.25 after ATCL failed to pay fees for leasing of cars that the tour company provided them. In addition to the amount, which is the simple debt with an interest rate of 10 per cent over the past two years, also ATCL should foot the costs of the suit. The court in its order given by Judge Robert Makaramba on February 11, ruled that the tour company make evaluation of the building before auction. The court ordered the tour firm to submit the evaluation report today.     The Citize

Auric Air's Musoma Flight Inauguration.(Pics)

Auric Air's first flight from Mwanza to Musoma took off on 15 February 2013.The inaugural function had the attendance of the District Commissioner of Butiama Mrs Angelina Mabula and The Airport Manager Musoma Mr. Fredrick Kimaro. Local journalists and other witnesses from the public were also present to take note of the occasion in Musoma, Mara Tanzania.     The Mwanza - Musoma flights will be 4x weekly aboard Cessna 208B.    The first passengers for MUZ-MWZ. Journalists taking pictures!  One passenger with legs problems being assited by one of Auric Air's staff. The District Commissioner for Butiama aboard Auric Air plane. Musoma is a city in Tanzania. It is the capital of Mara Region, one of the administrative Regions of Tanzania.The city sits on the eastern edge of Lake Victoria, close to the International borders of Tanzania with Kenya and Uganda. see more at:   About Auric Air. Auric Air Serv

The allegations towards Fastjet….who/what is right?

Since the beginning of this year we have observed a series of reports from the media regarding the Fastjet – fly 540 saga. The series of allegations on fastjet   intensified over the past three weeks, overwhelming the media and rising concerns from the public and the travelling community. However fastjet kept on denying all these allegations while blaming the media for publishing what Fastjet calls “inaccurate media reports”.   The latest report regarding allegations on Fastjet came out in news papers yesterday with the title “FastJet owes TAA over 570m/- in service fees”.  See it here dailynews .   As usual fastjet through its website refutes the report calling it an inaccurate article. On its website fastjet says “ fastjet are dismayed that once again an inaccurate article has been published in the Media today. The historic debts that the article refers to were, we believe, primarily incurred by the Fly540 operation in Kenya run by Mr Don Smith.  There is a distinct lac

Precision Air (PW) appoints Sauda Rajab as it's new CEO.

Tanzania's premier airline Precision Air (PW), has announced the appointment of Ms Sauda S. Rajab as the airline's new Group Managing Director & CEO following the expiry  of Mr. Alfonse Kioko’s contract . Ms Rajab is taking over Mr Kioko who served the airline in the past 10 years. Mr Kioko himself took over from the first CEO and founder Mr Michael Shirima who as well held the position for 10 years.  The new CEO will start her tenure  effectively from 1st March 2013. Precision Air's board chairman Mr. Michael Shirima (centre) welcomes the airline's new CEO  Ms. Sauda S. Rajab during the press conference. To the right is the incumbent CEO Mr. Alfonse Kioko. Making the announcement, Precision Air's chairman, Michael Shirima said that, " Sauda is a seasoned airline executive with a proven track record of performance, milestones and integrity.   Sauda Rajab (49), who has a total of 23years airline experience mostly in Management at Kenya Airways

Air Tanzania resumes flights to Mtwara this Friday,8th Feb 2013.

AIR Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) is set to resume its Dar es Salaam (DAR) - Mtwara (MYW) flights on Friday, 8th Feb 2013.  ATCL's Mtwara Ads According to ATCL's Chief Executive Officer, Captain Milton Lazaro, the "Wings of Kilimanjaro" will be flying to Mtwara four times a week using its 50-seater Bombardier Dash 8-300 equipment. ATCL will initially fly to Mtwara on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, with plans for adjustments according to the demand.  The resumption of the Dar - Mtwara flights is part of ATCL's promise of aggressive expansion drive which will see the airline extending its wings to destinations not covered at the moment. 

Fastjet faces having planes repossessed. Canada-based Avmax Aircraft Leasing has written to FastJet saying it was removing the registration of three planes leased by its Tanzanian operation. The trio of aircraft, flying under the Fly540 brand, have allegedly run up unpaid leasing and maintenance bills of almost $2m (£1.3m). The letter from Avmax vice-president Don Parkin, headed "Notice of De-Registration", notified "Fly540/Fastjet of its continuing default" under the lease terms. It added: "As such, the lessor has elected to deregister the aircraft from the Tanzanian Civil Aviation Registry." The January letter said the deregistration would "be commenced immediately". Mr Parkin's letter followed a warning in November that Fly540/FastJet was in default and continuing "to refuse and neglect your financial obligations". Avmax claimed the airline had undertaken to pay $150,000 per month for the rental and maintenance of the planes. Last week'