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Fastjet fails to launch , dogged by controversy.

UK-based airline Fastjet has moved its South African launch to 4 July 2013. According to a report on  Business Day , glitches in the airline’s website led the airline to move its highly anticipated launch in late May back by a month. Kayle Haywood, CEO of Fastjet South Africa told Routes News that the airline was making final preparations for the launch.”We are just working on some further enhancements to the distribution system for the product in the country and the web. We decided to upgrade certain elements of that so that it is a stronger proposition from day one,” Haywood said. However, evidence suggests that the airline’s launch in the country was postponed due to a failure to comply with regulations from the Department of Transport.  Earlier this month, Tourism Update  reported that the airline had failed to obtain permission to fly in the country from the Department of Transport. Andries Ntjane, deputy director at the department  stated that for Fastjet Holdings, in

Airbus A350XWB rolls out of paint shop,prepares for the maiden test flight.

Airbus pulled its newest airliner, the A350 XWB, out of the paint booth this week and may well be the big story at the upcoming Paris Air Show. The new airplane, like Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, is made largely of composite materials. The two differ in how the composites are used, but both promise significant fuel savings and increased passenger comfort. The A350 XWB has been coming together with components from suppliers throughout Europe for the past two years or so, and Airbus plans its first flight soon. With the big industry airshow taking place in just over a month, a first flight before the aerospace industry heads to Paris would all but steal the show. Boeing will be there, of course, and is expected to make further announcements about its next new airplane, an updated version of the successful 777, currently being called the 777X. The company also is likely to celebrate the 787′s return to service after two battery meltdowns grounded all 50 Dreamliners worldwide in Janua


Following the story published in The Daily News paper ISSN 0856-3812 dated 3rd May 2013 (ZRZ pins Precision Air over 3.4bn/- unpaid taxes) quoting from a letter sent from the Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB) to Precision Air Services Plc in which it recorded the ZRB’s instructions to “restrain departure of all flights operated by Precision Air Services, as well as closure of its offices”, Precision Air has the following statement to make.   Speaking at its HQ Precision Air Services MD and CEO, Ms. Sauda Rajab, released a statement to clarify the situation at hand and reassured the public of continued operations in Zanzibar. “We wish to notify our passengers and the Tanzania Nation at large that your Airline is still in full operation of its route to Zanzibar. Neither The Zanzibar Revenue Board (ZRB) nor the Airport authorities have refused our fleet from touching ground in the Spice Isles” commented Ms. Sauda Rajab, CEO and MD of Precision Air. She further confirms that the Zanzi