News from Arusha, Tanzania reports that Ethiopian Airlines B767-300 (ET-AQW)  had an emergency landing at the Arusha Airport around mid day today. 

The aircraft, registered as ET-AQW was operating on flight number ET815 from Addis via Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar and back to Addis.

The ARK airport’s runway is 1620 metres long, too short for B767 operations. The crew landed safely and the plane came to a complete stop just at the end of the runway, however while maneuvering for backtracking the plane excursed the runway and the nose gear got stuck in soft soil. 

None of the passengers or crew reported to have been injured .

The ARK airport has been closed for any other flights in and out of ARK as the Boeng 767 is stucked at the end of the runway.

As of now we don't have the official communication of what caused the crew on ET815 to perform the emergency landing at Arusha but Aviationtz sources reports that the crew were instructed by ATC at KIA to hold at a facility called KB which is close to Arusha and the Arusha runway is visible from that point, so when cleared to land they landed at Arusha thinking that it is KIA.

Keep an eye on this space for updates!

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  1. From what I heard there was a miscommunication between the Tower people and the cockpit crew. LOL , Thanks God that everyone was safe. I heard that the airline has a very good reputation in terms of Saftey

  2. Yes, the airline hasa very good reputation in terms of saftey.

  3. There are a lot of words going around as to what might be the cause, but still no official statements made so far by the concerned authorities. Every one is now interested to see how will the B767 make its way out of the 1600 meters runway!

  4. My experience with Ethiopian airlines I have full confidence in the airline’s safety record. What I hear from sources is that the aircraft had a smooth flight and was carrying enough fuel sources say it landed at Arusha due to a mis-communication between pilot and tower.

  5. Ethiopian Aircraft had smooth flight as always, couldn’t land at Kilimanjaro airport because of aircraft on runway. Miscommunication between tower/ATC and cockpit led to landing at Arusha airport. There was no fuel shortage for diversion to other airports.

  6. Just heard from passenger on board that the flight was smooth. Aircraft couldn't land at JRO because of aircraft on the runway. Congrats pilots for landing the aircraft safely.....

  7. Passengers and crew are safe.... the top priority of any airline. Reports stated that aircraft in JRO runway created a problem and the Ethiopian aircraft is forced to land in Arusha. We will follow up the update from the Airline and official sources.

  8. yap,.... This shows we have one of the best pilots in Aviation industries, who can maneuver an aircraft in worst possible scenario. congrats ET pilots.............