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In airworthiness terminologies, ‘suppliers’ means any source of components and material external to the approved maintenance organisation. These external sources could be distributors, other approved maintenance organisations, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), operators, etc. Suppliers play an important role in the success of aviation industry. The use of components from different suppliers enables aircraft maintenance organisations to carry out maintenance in a cost effective-manner by allowing them to benefit from the worldwide market competition. Through worldwide market competition the industry gets suppliers who offer reliable, relevant, high-quality products and services that complement and augment aerospace industry technology. However, acceptance of components from different sources has revealed several issues with suppliers for many years, such as the supply of unapproved parts or counterfeit parts, which may represent a risk to aviation safety.

Emirates Flight Training Academy Orders 27 Aircraft

Dubai, UAE - 4 November 2015:  Emirates Flight Training Academy, developed by Emirates airline to address its growing need for pilots, has signed an agreement with Cirrus Aircraft and Embraer to order 27 new aircraft. The order includes 22 single-piston engine Cirrus SR22’s and 5 twin-jet Embraer Phenom 100E, which are valued at more than $39 million dollars at list prices.  The aircraft, which will be delivered starting in 2017, will be used by cadet pilots as they train to become fully-qualified commercial pilots for Emirates. This order will allow Emirates Flight Training Academy cadet pilots to receive, for the first time, 100% of their training in Dubai. Previously, cadet pilots underwent a majority of their training at a variety of locations overseas. In addition to consolidating education into one location in the Middle East, the new aircraft order also ensures cadets will have access to the youngest training fleet in the world.  Adel Al Redha, Emirates Executive Vice Pr