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INVITATION FOR TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES IN AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (9 CANDIDATES) The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority, (TCAA) was established by the enactment of the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority Act 2003 Cap 80 (R.E 2006) to regulate the civil aviation industry in the United Republic of Tanzania in order to ensure effective implementation of Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) as provided in the Annexes of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The Authority is also responsible for economic regulation of the activities of persons and institutions providing air transport services and aeronautical airport services. In addition the Authority provides air navigation services in Tanzania. To meet this mandate of regulating and overseeing the functions of the aviation industry in an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective manner, The Authority now invites candidates for Training Opportunities in Aeronautical Information Management. T

Precision Air completes a five phase re-certification process; gets AOC, AMO certificates from TCAA

PrecisionAir ATR 42 Reg. 5H-PWH MSN 1001, parked outside Precision Air AMO hangar. PrecisionAir became the first airline in Tanzania to have successfully undergone a five phase re-certification process and get an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) plus Approved Maintenance Organisation (AMO) certification by Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA). Speaking in Dar es Salaam, the airline’s Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Sauda Rajab said her company received the two important documents after a three months TCAA inspection of facilities and verification of operating manuals process. “It was a lengthy and involving process which fortunately took only three and a half months although it can sometimes take up to two years,” said Sauda. She pointed out that PrecisionAir can now fly any route within the country and service own ATR family of aircraft. “It means a lot to us in terms of safety of our equipment, qualifications and experience of our crew which

Hivi,Umeshawahi kufikiria/kushuhudia jinsi ajali za ndege zinavyotisha?

Ajali za ndege zimekuwa zikitokea mara chache sana ukilinganisha na ajali za vyombo vingine vya usafiri kama vile magari, treni pikipiki n.k. Hii ni kutokana na udhibiti wa hali ya juu kutoka kwa mamlaka zinazohusika na kusimamia utengenezaji na uendeshaji wa vyombo vya angani, ambapo kwa hapa kwetu mamlaka husika ni Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA). TCAA ni miongoni mwa mamlaka zenye nguvu kiutendaji hali iliyopelekea kutambulika na mamlaka zingine duniani kwa usimamizi wake thabiti wa usalama wa safari za angani hapa Tanzania. Anga la Tanzania ni salama kwa safari za ndege na ndio maana mashirika makubwa ya ndege duniani kama vile Qatar, Emirates, KLM, Air France, Oman air, Ethiopian airlines, Flydubai, Etihad, KQ n.k yanafanya safari zao kuja hapa Tanzania. Pamoja na kuwa ajali za ndege huwa hutokea chache lakini madhara yake huwa ni makuwa sana na pengine kushinda hata ajali za vyombo vingine. Hii ni kutokana na ukweli kwamba nyingi ya ajali za ndege hupelekea wat

Emlployment Opportunity: Board Directorship at Swissport Tanzania PLC

Swissport Tanzania Plc, the leading aviation services provider at Julius Nyerere, Kilimanjaro, Songwe and Mtwara airports invites applications from interested and qualified individuals to serve as Non-Executive Board Directors for a term of three years from the next AGM. The elected directors will represent the minority shareholders and only two positions are available. Qualifications: Aspiring candidates should have at least a university degree in Commerce, Engineering, Law, Economics, Accounting or equivalent qualifications. Preference will be given to those with accounting background as the elected candidates are expected to serve as members of the Board`s Audit Committee. In addition, the ideal candidates: a) Should not be a director in more than 3 listed companies. b) Should not be a director in a competing company. c) Should be solvent and of sound mind. d) Should not have any criminal record. e) Must not have attained the age of 67 years at t

Safety Lessons from TransAsia ATR-72 Flight GE222 CFIT

The Aviation Safety Council ( ASC ) of Taiwan has issued their investigation report into the loss of  TransAsia Airways  (TNA)  ATR 72-500   B-22810  on 23 July 2014 during an attempted landing in poor weather.  It highlights a number of important safety lessons. The Accident During a non-precision approach , after around 34 minutes of holding, the aircraft impacted terrain in a residential area 800m NE  of the threshold of runway 20 at Magong Airport, Penghu Islands, Taiwan during a heavy thunderstorm associated with Typhoon Matmo. Ten of the 58 on board survived. The Commander was Pilot Flying   (age 60, ex-military, joined airline in 1992, ATPL, 22,994 hours total, 19,070 hours on ATR42/72) and the First Officer (FO) was Pilot Monitoring  (age 39, direct recruit by the airline in 2011, CPL, 2,393 hours total, 2,084 hours on ATR42/72). There was no approach briefing before commencing descent and the FO “proposed that he conducted the before landing check by himself without

Flight attendants reveal: Most annoying habits of passengers

A flight attendant serving passengers. (Shutterstock) Up above the world so high, flight attendants are expected to be nothing but courteous and professional.   They are the ones who spend the most amount of time with passengers than any other airline employee, and tend to a wide variety of needs and requests. They make sure the journey is trouble free that also includes tolerating all kinds of behaviour that gets under their skin. So what passenger habits annoy flight attendants the most? Being rude In a thread on Quora, flight attendant Paula Mitchell rattled off a long list of annoyances, and the one that stands out the most is rudeness. Lack of basic etiquettes annoy her the most, 'clicking fingers at me to get my attention' topped her list. She is also fed up with passengers who orders instead of politely adding 'Please' or 'Thank you', or talk too loudly over the pre-flight safety demonstration. Another thing of annoyance - '

Iran selects Airbus for its civil aviation renewal

Agreements for 118 new aircraft, pilot training, airport operations and ATM support Iran officials have signed two agreements with Airbus covering new aircraft orders and a comprehensive civil aviation co-operation package. The agreements were signed at the Élysée Palace, Paris, during Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s official visit to France with French President François Hollande. Iran Air has signed an agreement with Airbus for the acquisition of the full range of new Airbus airliners (73 widebodies and 45 single aisle). This includes pilot and maintenance training and support services to help the entry into service and efficient operations of these new aircraft. In parallel the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Dr. Abbas Ahmad Akhoundi, has signed a comprehensive co-operation agreement as part of the country’s modernisation of its civil aviation sector, to support the development of air navigation services (ATM), airport and aircraft operations, regulato