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Job Opportunities at Air Tanzania (ATCL)

Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) is in the process of revamping its operations and has introduced new equipment to its fleet. The Company is therefore inviting applications from qualified personnel to fill various positions.

1.      POSITIONS: 

1.1. Dash 8 – Q400 Mechanical and Avionics Certifying Engineers (6 POSTS) 

   a)    Qualifications·        
  • ·         Must possess a valid Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License (ICAO TYPE II).  ·        
  • ·         Must possess a valid Dash 8 – Q400 Approval/License.
  • ·    Must have successfully completed Dash 8 – Q400 type course from an Approved Training Organisation.       
  • ·     Must have Aircraft Maintenance working experience, as a certifying engineer, of not less than 5 years; 2 of which being on Dash 8 – Q400. Experience must include release to service certification after “A” Check and above.       
  • ·         Computer literacy·        
  • ·         Fluency in English·        
  • ·         Possession of Dash 8-Q300 Approval/License will be an added advantage.

   b)    Duties and responsibilities.        
  • ·    Perform both scheduled and non-scheduled Line and Base Maintenance checks·        
  • ·         Carry out Airframe, Engines and Avionics systems maintenance on aircraft as per work package prepared and assigned by the Planning Section of the Technical Department.·          
  • ·         Ensure safe and economical operation/maintenance and on time performance.        
  • ·         Do all the required appropriate/relevant certification 

 1.2. Co-pilot - Dash 8 (2 POSTS) 

a)         Qualifications
Holder of Commercial Pilots License (CPL) plus performance 'A' and with a minimum of 1000 flying hours experience and a group II endorsement on DASH 8 aircraft and subject to passing the following:·        
·         Successful completion of the Base Training within 10 hours·        
·         Successful completion of the Route Training within 100 hours (minimum 70 hours)·        
·         Passing Instrument Rating Examination done by a TCAA approved examiner·        
·         Passing an English proficiency test (level 4 or better).·        
·         Passing Oral interview and acceptance check conducted by the Company. 

b)         Duties and responsibilities·        
·         To collect the Navigation Bag containing aircraft Library from Operations Control and ensure that the relevant documents are in order to return same to Operations Control after completion of flights.·        
·         To check all documents and inform Pilot-in-command of any Notam, Fleet Notices of any information that may affect their flights.        
·         To supervise refueling of aircraft and enter details in their relevant documents.     
·         To maintain continuous watch on the available communication frequencies with the appropriate Air Traffic Control.       
·         To maintain cabin and cockpit temperatures at comfortable levels during flight.       
·         To complete Voyage Report Forms, Technical Log entries, computation of take off, approach and landing speeds and to ensure that the Pilot-in-command signs them at the end of flights.·        
·         To command the aircraft on instructions from the Pilot-in-command or on incapacitation of Pilot-in-command and assume responsibility for the safety of the aircraft.       
·         To verify that the control locks, engine locks and any other locks are properly fitted on the aircraft at night stations where night stops are made.  

1.3. Pilot-in-command – Dash 8 (2 POSTS)
    a)   Qualifications
·         Must possess Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL) and with performance "A”. Must additionally achieve the following:·       
·         Minimum of 4000 hours flying experience of which 2000 hours must be command on multiengine aircraft;        
·         Group I endorsement on DASH 8 with a minimum of 500 hours command on type;        
·         Pass an oral interview and flying acceptance check conducted by the Company;     
·         Must pass a Base and Route check with an Instrument Rating within 10 and 100 hours respectively;      
·         Track record of good performance as a Commander.

c)         Duties and responsibilities ·        
·         To command the aircraft with due regard for safety and comfort of passengers at all times.      
·         To maintain a high standard of discipline, appearance, uniformity and promptness on their Co-pilots and Cabin Crew.       
·         To determine that commercial aspects of their flights are achieved and whenever safety is not impaired to obtain additional revenue load for the Company.      
·         To ascertain that they are briefed of Flight Plans, Notam, Fleet Notices, Weather and any pertinent documentation and service items that their flight may require.·        
·         To verify that the loading of their aircraft has been performed in accordance with laid down procedures.        
·         To report all incidents and accidents.        
·         To verify that all documents/certificates required being on board the aircraft are available and valid.       
·         To report any Flight delays of flights.        
·         To accept and sign for diplomatic mail, precious cargo and supervise their stowage aboard the aircraft and handover to destinations. 

1.4 Cabin Crew (18 POSTS)
    a)      Qualifications
·     A minimum of “O” Level Secondary Certificate with passes in Geography, English, & History.
·        Fluent in both written and spoken English and Swahili, additional language is an added advantage.
·         Aged between 18-25 (for experienced applicants a maximum of 30 years)
·         Must be an Ab initio trained with valid cabin crew license.
·         Medical examination class 2.
·         Height of 5 feet and above.
·         Outgoing personality, team player and good interpersonal skills

       b)     Duties and Responsibilities·    
·         To attend pre-flight briefing and debriefing.       
·         To carry out pre-flight duties.        
·         To inform passengers of the aircraft safety procedures.       
·         To follow all directions given by the Flight Purser·        
·        Ensures the safety of passengers, crew and aircraft through adherence to Company policies and standard operating procedures.       
·  To deliver high level of passenger service and assist in on-time performance.       
·         To make safety announcements and answer passenger questions during the flight.        
·         To reassure passengers in emergency situation and ensure that they follow safety procedures correctly.        
·        To Promote ATCL product through effective communication with passengers 

2.      SALARY:
Attractive remuneration package in accordance with the Institution’s salary scale 

                           i.        ENGINEERS – 1 YEAR CONTRACT (RENEWABLE)                 
                          ii.         PILOTS – 5 YEARS CONTRACT (RENEWABLE) 
                        iii.        CABIN CREWS – 3 YEARS CONTRACT (RENEWABLE)  

Application letters accompanied by Detailed CV and certified copies of certificates, testimonials and names of three referees should reach the Human Resources Manager, AIR TANZANIA COMPANY LIMITED, P.O BOX 543, DAR ES SALAAM, before 5th September 2016.  


  1. the problem with air tanzania it doesnt provide the provision of where to apply online they just want the cvs to the offices meaning they want only their citizens which is un fair yet their aircrafts donot carry their people alone how come wen u travel i personally imy dream is to work with air tanzania but i have never got that chance because I stay in Uganda and have a diploma in IATA cabin crew training but i alyz find it difficult to bring my cv to tanzania.jenipher uzamukunda.+256788451986

    1. Get married to me that you can be a tanzaniaT

    2. Ms.Jennifer ,which company in your Uganda did you see they employed a Tanzanian Citizen or Kenya,Uganda and Kenya always like to occupied Tanzanian Jobs.Our youth their graduated too and still doesnt have a jobs.

  2. My name is masha nyakua natokea dar es salaam napenda kuwa member wa cabien crew nimesomea na nina diploma foundation IATA.napenda sana kazi za ndege no yangu ya simu ni0717149678.naenda sana hizi kazi (remains5days)naamini am winner

  3. I like to be a cabin crew,, it is my dream since I was young,,, , but ningependa this year nisome katika chuo chenu Cha aviation hapo ATC ,, naomba kujua application kwaajili ya training zinaanza lini please

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  6. I want to know English first... To became a pilot so how can you help me

    1. Please you can start training as a pilot also attending English course same time as well...


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