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Boeing Announces fixes for its 737 max aircraft.

Boieng has issued changes to controversial control system linked to two fatal crashes of its 737 Max planes in the past five months.           But it is still not certain when the planes which were grounded worldwide this month,will be allowed to fly.   Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the accidents.   As part of the upgrade,Boeing  will install an extra warning system on all 737max aircraft.which was previously an optional safety feature. Neither of the planes operated by lion air in Indonesia and Ethiopian Airlines,that were involved in the fatal crashes carried the alert systems ,which are designed to warn pilots when sensors produce contradictory readings. Boeing  said that airlines would no longer be charged extra for that safety system to be installed.  The plane maker has issued an upgrade to the software that linked to the accident. The manoeuvering characteristics augmentation system better known as MCA's,is software designed to help prevent