With airlines slowly starting to operate more flights as regulators in different regions of the world begin to ease travel restrictions introducing new guidelines, as airports start to fill the industry is still trying to figure out the best method for testing passengers prior to getting onboard. 

The IATA and ICAO published new guidance on Covid-19 testing for air travel, with the agency advocating for the use of tests that are accurate, fast and can be performed hundreds of times per hour at busy airports. 

IATA believes the verification and testing should be managed by a public health agency with some airports and airlines having already adopted own measures for testing for Covid-19 related symptoms.

Airports such as Heathrow implementing camera detection systems that are capable of monitoring people as they move through the airport, other airlines giving trial runs to self-service devices at airports to be used to help identify travellers with medical conditions potentially including the early stages of Covid-19 such as the 'Ready-to-fly' checklist in it's mobile application featuring a health self-assessment as part of it's check process while others just opting to performing Covid-19 blood testing on certain flights.

Ready-to-fly checklist

Camera detection system

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