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Pakistan International Airlines Banned from UK after pilots found to have fraudulent licenses.

Nearly a quarter of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) pilots have been found not to hold valid licences. An investigation following the Karachi air disaster in May, in which all passengers and crew lost their lives, revealed that 262 of 850 pilots had potentially fake licences or ones containing irregularities. It was believed that many had not even taken the Pakistan regulator’s pilot qualification examination. Some 150 pilots were suspended as investigations continue, according to a report by Forbes. The Pakistan flag carrier has now been banned from operating in both the US and the UK. The European Union Air Safety Agency EASA withdrew “third country operator” authorisation from PIA for six months from 1 July. The letter from EASA to PIA read: “There are strong indications that a high number of Pakistani pilots’ licences are invalid.” It added: “PIA persists in failing to demonstrate compliance with the applicable standards.” On the same day, the US Department of Transportation

Changes to air travel after Covid-19

Covid-19 turned out to be aviation's biggest farewell party, airlines currently have a surplus of planes with the need to conserving cash thus retiring the most costly ones the 4 engines A380s and B747s.  Airlines are using their smaller more fuel efficient aircraft as a result there is less first class inventory at the moment due to the demand for first class being low. Most airlines are only offering 2 class aircraft at the moment.  Planes are probably the cleanest they have been since they were new all from the effort being put in by most airlines in cleaning their planes. Airlines are also removing contact points at every stage of the journey with others adding additional flight attendants to clean the bathroom every 90 minutes. Most airlines will argue that social distancing doesn't work in the air all seats are being sold instead airlines are enforcing a ' no mask no fly ' rule with others and airports handing out hygiene kits containing gloves, a face mask antiba