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What will be the first commercial flight of the Boeing 737 MAX since recertification?

 The Federal Aviation Administration lifted its ban on the Boeing 737 Max on Wednesday, 20 months after the aircraft was grounded following two crashes within five months that killed 346 people. The action means the FAA is satisfied that software and other fixes, and new pilot training, make the plane safe to fly again. Following recertification of the 737 MAX by the FAA, airlines in the US plan to resume flight operations. AmericanAirlines said on Wednesday it would make good on its plan to return Boeing’s 737 MAX jets to passenger flights by the end of 2020. A number of airlines may attempt to downplay the “MAX” branding on their fleets, although American Airlines disputes that they are attempting to do so. Instead, the airline reiterated that information regarding the type of aircraft will be made available to passengers upon booking. The ban is being lifted in a significantly changed environment, with the airline industry decimated by the coronavirus pandemic. Passenger numbers rem

Swissport is ready for COVID vaccines

  Swissport is busy establishing operational readiness for the handling of highly temperature-sensitive vaccines. Vaccines and indeed many pharmaceuticals require rigorous temperature control throughout the entire supply chain. While some types COVID-19 vaccines might only call for temperatures around -20°C or in a range from 2°-8°C, others will likely require extremely low temperatures in the range of -70°C. In collaboration with Brussels Airport, Air Cargo Belgium and Hazgo, Swissport demonstrated its ability to handle highly temperature-sensitive air cargo at its state-of-the-art 3,620 sqm Pharma Center in Brussels. Two separate shipments were delivered to the facility, which is part of an end-to-end cool chain. One shipment arrived in a container cooled to -70°C, while the other shipment was transported in a more conventional 2°-8°C temperature range. Swissport’s top-notch infrastructure, combined with know how regarding dry-ice handling allows for a seamless temperature-control th