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IATA welcomes G20 Push to restart tourism

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has welcomed the agreement by the G20 Tourism Ministers to support the safe restoration of mobility by following the G20 Rome Guidelines for the Future of Tourism. IATA has urged G20 governments to quickly follow up their endorsement of the guidelines with actions, particularly the five-point agenda to safely restore mobility: 1. Sharing information among industry and governments to inform policies and decisions to ensure safe mobility. 2. Agreeing common international approaches to Covid-19 testing, vaccination, certification and information. 3. Promoting digital traveller identity, biometrics and contactless transactions for safe and seamless travel. 4. Providing accessible, consistent, clear and updated information to travellers to encourage and facilitate travel planning and journeys. 5. Maintaining and improving the connectivity, safety and sustainability of transport systems. The G20 has the right focus and agenda to restart trav