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Italian stunt pilot sets multiple World records flying through a tunnel

 Italian stunt pilot Dario Costa set Five Guinness World Records by flying an aeroplane through two Çatalca Tunnels in Istanbul, Turkey. The 41-year old pilot achieved this feat on board a custom-modified Zivko Edge 540 race plane through a twin tunnel along the Northern Marmara Highway in Istanbul. Mr Costa set the world record for the longest aeroplane flight taken through a tunnel. He covered a distance of 1,730m through the twin tunnel. Although, only one record was officially recognized with a Guinness World Record certificate. However, in total, Costa set the following five records with his feat: *Longest tunnel flight with an aeroplane *First aeroplane flight through a tunnel *Longest flight under a solid obstacle *First aeroplane flight through two tunnels and *First aeroplane takeoff from a tunnel. Mr Costa and his mentor, Hungarian pilot Péter Besenyei, worked together with 40 Red Bull team members. The flight took off at 6:43 a.m. on September 4th.

African Airlines Forecasted To Lose US$8.2b In 2021

The Africa Airlines Association (AFRAA) said the full year revenue loss for African airlines in 2021 is forecasted at US$8.2b, approximately 47.2% of the full year 2019 airlines’ revenue. In 2020, African airlines made a cumulative loss of $10.21b, representing 58.8% of 2019 revenues. AFRAA revealed that passenger traffic continues to be low across Africa due to the ravaging impact of COVID-19, inconsistencies in the messaging regarding border closures and failure to align health protocols in some countries and across regions. AFRAA noted that in the month of August 2021, air passenger traffic reached 46.8% compared to same month in 2019 while capacity was at 54.6%.  Domestic markets across Africa recorded a slight reduction in passenger demand although still outperforming intra-Africa and intercontinental traffic. Domestic traffic for the month under review was 58.9% compared to 22.7% for intra-Africa and 18.4% for intercontinental. On passenger capacity (seats offered), domestic, int