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5H-MZA yaanguka baharini ikiwa na abiria 12 na marubani 2.

Ndege aina ya Cessna 208B yenye usajili 5H-MZA yaanguka baharini huko Comoros ikiwa na watu 14 ndani yake. Ndege hiyo inayomilikiwa na shirika la ndege la FLY ZANZIBAR LIMITED ikiwa imekodiwa na shirika la ndege la AB AVIATION la Comoro, ikifanya safari Y61103 kati ya kisiwa cha Moroni na Mohéli, ilianguka wakati ikielekea kutua katika uwanja wa Bander es Salaam Airport, Fomboni, Comoros – katika kisiwa cha Moheli. Shirika la ndege la AB Aviation lilitangaza kupotea kwa ndege hiyo iliyopaa kutoka Moroni saa tano na dk 50 na kupotea katika radar, baharini, umbali wa 2.5 km kutoka uwanja wa ndege wa Mohéli Juhudi za utafutaji na uokoaji zinaendelea, mpaka sasa ni baadhi ya mabaki ya ndege tu ndio yamepatikana. Matumaini ya kupata abiria na marubani wakiwa hai yanazidi kufifia. Taarifa zinaeleza kuwa hivi karibuni kumekuwa na hali mbaya ya hewa baharini katika maeneo ya visiwa vya comoro. Orodha ya majina ya abiria waliokuwa ndani ya ndege hiyo Baadhi ya mabaki ya ndge  hiyo yakiwa yameok

SWISS yasimamisha ndege zake zote za Airbus A220 kupisha ukaguzi wa injini.

Shirika la ndege la SWISS Inrernational Airlines ambalo linamilikiwa na Shirika la ndege la Lufthansa la Ujerumani, limesimamisha safari za ndege zake zote aina ya Airbus A220 kutokana na matatizo ya injini zake. Injini zote za ndege hizo zimelazimika kukaguliwa ili kuhakiki usalama wake. Ndege hizo hutumia injini aina ya PW 1500G zinazotengenezwa na kampuni ya Pratt & Whitney ya Canada.  Shirika hilo limesema lipo katika mazungumzo na mamlaka za usimamizi wa usafiri wa anga na pia mtengenezaji wa ndege hizo ambaye ni kampuni ya Airbus.  Mamlaka ya usafiri wa anga ya Marrekani FAA ilitoa muongozo kwamba injini zote za A220 ambazo ni Pratt & Whitney zinatakiwa kufanyiwa ukaguzi zaidi wa kiusalama.  Kusimamishwa kwa ndege hizo kunatokana na matatizo ya kiufundi ya mara kwa mara ya injini hizo. Mnamo July 25 vipande vya injini ya A220 vilikatikakatika na kuanguka katika anga la Paris, ndege hiyo ikiwa safarini kutokea Geneva kwenda London.Tukio kama hilo linarip

Coastal Aviation takes steps to ensure safety

Coastal Aviation released a statement regarding steps taken after the recent significant accidents. Dear Colleague As promised, I would like to update you on what steps Coastal Aviation is taking in the short term to ensure the safety of our passengers. As you can imagine, the last few days have been exceedingly busy. We have made decisions as a result of intense internal discussion, but also from looking at the comments we have received from you, our stakeholders. I would like to thank you all for your input and support. With all of this in mind we have taken a long and hard look at our existing operations aircrew and split the crew into two distinct groups based on experience. Effective immediately to be classified as an experienced Coastal Captain, you must have in excess of 3000 hours of accident free total flying time (approximately 5 years as a commercial pilot) with in excess of 1000 hours of Pilot in Command of an aircraft in single pilot operations in

Coastal Aviation CEO speaks over recent significant accidents

Dear Colleague As you are aware we have recently had two significant accidents, one of which resulted in the loss of life of all on board. The other accident, in October, was no less serious, but thankfully resulted in no loss of life. Two passengers and the Pilot were taken to hospital in Nairobi and subsequently released after 2 nights. I am still in touch with all involved. Naturally all of us at Coastal are devastated and in a total state of shock. To have one major accident, after so many years of safe operations is bad, but to have another, with such a tragic outcome, so soon afterwards has left us reeling. We have rightly been accused for poor communication to our trade partners, I put my hand up and take full responsibility for this. The lack of further communication after the October accident was down to my desire to respect the ongoing investigation and the privacy of those involved. Whilst this intention was honourable, I accept that it was not the right decision. I

Precision Air to fly Scheduled Flights to Serengeti effective from 1st October 2017

Tanzania leading airline Precision Air Services PLC, has announced the launch of scheduled flights to Serengeti National Park effective from 1st October 2017. The flights will be from Zanzibar or Dar es Salaam direct to Serengeti every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The announcement comes few weeks after the airline announced the  launch of scheduled flights to Kahama  effective from 5th September 2017. The announcement found on the airline's website is here quoted: "Dear Customer, Effective from 1st October 2017, Precision Air will start operating scheduled flights to Serengeti National Park. Fly from Zanzibar OR Dar es Salaam direct to Serengeti every Monday,Wednesday,Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy your time in the park or at the beach and let us worry about your flight." End of quote; Precision Air seems to spread its wings all over the Tanzanian space providing affordable and reliable air travel services to its customers. The

Hivi,Umeshawahi kufikiria/kushuhudia jinsi ajali za ndege zinavyotisha?

Ajali za ndege zimekuwa zikitokea mara chache sana ukilinganisha na ajali za vyombo vingine vya usafiri kama vile magari, treni pikipiki n.k. Hii ni kutokana na udhibiti wa hali ya juu kutoka kwa mamlaka zinazohusika na kusimamia utengenezaji na uendeshaji wa vyombo vya angani, ambapo kwa hapa kwetu mamlaka husika ni Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA). TCAA ni miongoni mwa mamlaka zenye nguvu kiutendaji hali iliyopelekea kutambulika na mamlaka zingine duniani kwa usimamizi wake thabiti wa usalama wa safari za angani hapa Tanzania. Anga la Tanzania ni salama kwa safari za ndege na ndio maana mashirika makubwa ya ndege duniani kama vile Qatar, Emirates, KLM, Air France, Oman air, Ethiopian airlines, Flydubai, Etihad, KQ n.k yanafanya safari zao kuja hapa Tanzania. Pamoja na kuwa ajali za ndege huwa hutokea chache lakini madhara yake huwa ni makuwa sana na pengine kushinda hata ajali za vyombo vingine. Hii ni kutokana na ukweli kwamba nyingi ya ajali za ndege hupelekea wat

Safety Lessons from TransAsia ATR-72 Flight GE222 CFIT

The Aviation Safety Council ( ASC ) of Taiwan has issued their investigation report into the loss of  TransAsia Airways  (TNA)  ATR 72-500   B-22810  on 23 July 2014 during an attempted landing in poor weather.  It highlights a number of important safety lessons. The Accident During a non-precision approach , after around 34 minutes of holding, the aircraft impacted terrain in a residential area 800m NE  of the threshold of runway 20 at Magong Airport, Penghu Islands, Taiwan during a heavy thunderstorm associated with Typhoon Matmo. Ten of the 58 on board survived. The Commander was Pilot Flying   (age 60, ex-military, joined airline in 1992, ATPL, 22,994 hours total, 19,070 hours on ATR42/72) and the First Officer (FO) was Pilot Monitoring  (age 39, direct recruit by the airline in 2011, CPL, 2,393 hours total, 2,084 hours on ATR42/72). There was no approach briefing before commencing descent and the FO “proposed that he conducted the before landing check by himself without


A Eurocopter AS 350B3 Ecureuil ( 5Y - DKK ) MSN 7027 crashed on Wednesday evening, killing all its four occupants. The accident happened in Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania. Among the dead includes the outgoing MP and the sole candidate for Ludewa constituency Mr.Deo Filikunjombe, the captain of the ill-fated helicopter capt.William Slaa and two other passengers  Kasablanka Haule and Egid Mkwela. It is reported that eyewitnesses from the reserve said the helicopter crashed and exploded around 06 pm. The helicopter owned by General Aviation Service of DAR, had been chartered by Tanzania's Ruling party CCM for election campaigns and was en route to Ludewa having taken off from Dar es Salaam with 4 people on board disappeared on the evening of 15th October. The search was launched and the charred remains of the helicopter were found on Thursday 16th October within the Selous game reserve . No one survived the crash. Here below are images before and after the

Indonesian plane (Trigana Air) goes missing with 54 people on board

AN INDONESIAN passenger plane carrying 54 people has lost contact with air traffic control while flying in bad weather during a flight in the country’s rugged easternmost province of Papua. The missing plane, pictured in 2008 The Trigana Air ATR 42 turboprop plane lost contact in a remote area just before 3pm (0600 GMT) after taking off from Sentani airport in Papua’s capital Jayapura on a flight to Oksibil, the search and rescue agency said on Twitter. It was travelling to the Papua city of Oksibil. The plane, which is more than 27 years old, was carrying 44 adults, five children and five crew on the flight which was scheduled to take about 45 minutes, the agency said. It had left Jayapura about half an hour before it disappeared, it added. The weather was poor near Oksibil, with heavy rain, strong winds and fog, when the plane lost contact with the airport minutes before it was scheduled to land, said Susanto, the head of Indonesia’s National Search and Rescue

TANAPA helicopter crashes in Dar Es Salaam, killing all 4 people on board.

Dar Es Salaam:  A helicopter  ( Robinson R-44 Raven II reg  5H-TWA)  owned and operated by Tanzania National Park Authority has crashed on saturday, killing all 4 people on board. The helicopter went down in  Kipunguni B Moshi Bar,Ukonga-Ilala Dar es Salaam. It was on  on approach to Dar Es Salaam International Airport (DAR/HTDA). The  helicopter  worth $500,000 , was recently donated to the Tanzanian government  by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, to  help with anti-poaching operations. "Two pilots from the police force, a civilian pilot and a police officer were kille d Investigations are still underway to establish the cause of the apparent accident. Robinson R-44 Raven II reg  5H-TWA before the crash. photo credit by David Osborn

TCAA probes plane crash in Serengeti National Park

Safari Express Limited Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 5Y-SXP  before it crashed The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA) is investigating the crash of a Kenyan registered plane in Serengeti National Park on Sunday. The wreckage of the Safari Express Limited Fokker F-27 was sighted yesterday morning about 25 kilometres from the Kenya-Tanzania border. All the three occupants who were on board were burnt beyond recognition, according to Kenyan media reports. Yesterday, TCAA acting director general Charles Chacha said the wreckage of the aircraft was found within Serengeti National Park, but added that his team was yet to establish if the three people who were on board were killed in the crash. He said the aircraft departed from Mwanza Airport on Sunday at 7.26pm and that it was expected to land at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) at 8.39pm. “The aircraft lost communication a few minutes after taking off and the last communication between the pilot and T