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AFRAA: Travel Ban on Africa is Not the Solution to COVID-19 Pandemic

The African Airlines Association (AFRAA) has issued a statement condemning the  decisions by some EU countries to ban travel to South Africa and other neighbouring countries in Southern Africa. The following statement was issued in  Nairobi on 03 December 2021. The commendable work done by South African scientists in unearthing and transparently announcing to the world the discovery of the Omicron strain of SARS CoV-2 instead of attracting applause was met with harsh and uncoordinated travel restrictions. Unfortunately, in nearly two years since Covid-19 was first discovered, it appears we have not learned useful lessons that could lead to finding a permanent solution to the pandemic.    The unscientific, poorly targeted, knee-jerk reactions that have not helped much in containing the SARS CoV-2 virus since March 2020 seem to be the preferred response to scientific challenges of our time. Restricting travel has never been the solution to curtailing the spread of COVID. On the contrar

COVID-19: Restarting African Airline Operations

A new research study highlights how “Data Analytics” will help the airline industry to face the challenges and reopen its operations during this pandemic.  The pandemic has indeed changed the way how businesses work. COVID-19 has posed the greatest challenge to the global aviation industry by affecting airlines, airports, air navigation organizations, security agencies, support services, commercial and retail services, regulators, and customers - the entire aviation ecosystem. The findings of a recent research study carried out by Dr. Rajee Olaganathan highlight how the airline industry can recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic by adopting a strategic approach incorporating data analytics technology.     Impact of COVID-19 on African Airlines This research study found that the world passenger traffic collapsed to an unanticipated level (declined by negative 60%) in 2020, leading to a decrease in gross passenger operating revenues by USD 371 billion. The researcher u